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 Jiro Wang gives up buying his motorcycle for flood relief

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PostSubject: Jiro Wang gives up buying his motorcycle for flood relief   Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:44 am

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

The 88 flood damage in southern Taiwan, Jiro Wang and George Hu were in Guangzhou to promote their GTV drama "ToGetHer", at heart still thinking of the disaster, Jiro was originally meant to be with his fellow members Fahrenheit and also the other junior and senior members to donate $2 Million NT. Yesterday he took out his savings for his motorcycle and personally donated $300 000 NT to the disaster relief in order to use all his strength to help the disaster victims.

The plane encounters turbulence, God is here

Jiro's birthday is next Monday, originally he had planned to buy a motorcycle as a gift for himself. As the flood disaster was extremely serious, he discussed it with his mother and as a result he decided to donate his $300 000 NT motor cycle fund to help the emergency relief for the disaster victims. Yesterday, him and George went to Guangzhou to promote the drama ToGetHer, on the airplane they encountered a period of turbulence, George was shaken awake while Jiro keep saying God is here, laughing he said "After the plane descended it was fine, once before while on a plane I felt as if we were descending down a slide, making my entire body take a gasp of air."

The skillful gamer George, Jiro admits defeat

In order to close the distance to meet the fans, the two of them went down to a fairground, from racing cars to shooting and also playing the drums it was a competition of skills. Playing shooting the hoops with a basketball, all along resigning himself as the expert of games, Jiro was actually repeatedly beaten. After playing for more than 2hrs, as the battle went on the more stronger they got, George played to the point that the feelings in his hand returned, going up against George the expert, Jiro admits defeat "So actually in front of George I don't look the slightest bit strong at all."

Awww. He gave up his b=day present!!! Lol George must be super awesome!

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Jiro Wang gives up buying his motorcycle for flood relief
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