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 Fahrenheit Fanfic

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PostSubject: Fahrenheit Fanfic   Fahrenheit Fanfic EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 9:51 am

Well.. since we know K-pop is ahead of the world~ lol kidding I am a k-popper myself,
People love to read more K-pop artist fanfics than t-pop
I already made one but not many people reads it~ bow03
I was hoping people can comment and let me learn by my mistake so any fei mi here can help me read and tell me a piece of her.his mind??
I made one-shots too! [Currently done with Arron and DaDong, Calvin's and Wu chun's are in the making~ bow09 ]
Anyway.. here the link!

I can see nothing but you

and Here the one shot

Arron One shot = Exist because of you

Jiro One shot = In our heart we know

bow03 Actually I stop posting fahrenheit one-shot and just continue my fanfic is because I had no support~ I think that no one gonna read it so what is the purpose I post it right~ But I still want to know and be friends with a lot of fei mi!

So please give me and my works a lot of love and support! bow010
Thank you! Xie xie!
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Fahrenheit Fanfic
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