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 Lately about Fahrenheit

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PostSubject: Lately about Fahrenheit   Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:30 pm

It has been a while since the last time I wrote here...
here some brief update about Fahrenheit!
1st~ Absolute darling (Jiro acts in) has done it's filming~ ^^
2nd~ WuChun Da Wu sheng practically sold out on the first day of releasing! Same goes to Jiro first movie. The House~~^^
3rd~ Jiro is filming new drama called Jie Jie Yi Zhi Hua ^^ together with Lin xin ru
4th~ Arron also start act on a drama (I can't remember what title~^^)
5th~ Calvin starts to host in Apple news.. ^^
6th~ Calvin's grandfather passed awat 1102 this year.... Sad
7th~ 1120 is the date of Arron make another mini concert which held (of course) at Taiwan!^^

That all I know about their news update...
Well... I miss posting here but I am to busy with my school~ T^T
Hoping to see this forum to be active again~
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Lately about Fahrenheit
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