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 July 12,2008 Romantic Princess Promotion Press Con

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PostSubject: July 12,2008 Romantic Princess Promotion Press Con   Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:36 pm

Press con check this out!
- credits to teamkapamilya

Transcript of the press con made by corinav of frhfamilyphilippines
please credit if you're gonna post it elsewhere thanks:

Voice-over: Romantic princess like here in our country was also very well recieved by other Asian countries and viewers instantly fell in love with the charms and acting prowess of Chun and Calvin, obviously as well in addition to their gorgeous looks. Our current airing of Romantic Princess may be approaching the final two weeks but Janna and Jin's love story continues to captivate the hearts of very many Filipino fans.

Q: Were you aware of how popular you are here in our country before you came over?

Calvin: Not really, 'cause it's our first time to work in the Philippines. And when we arrived at the airport we were quite worried about like how many people are waiting for us.
Chun: Actually last time when he had activities, like outside the Philippines, right?, sometimes there are fans from the Philippines who would write letters to us and they say "Hey, come to the Philippines, you have a lot of fans here!" but...
Calvin: We're not sure how many.
Chun: Yeah that's right. But we are really happy that a lot of people out here are supporting our drama. And we have to thank ABS-CBN and GTV for this opportunity.

Q: How much do you know about our country? And especially our local TV before you came over?

Chun: I know a lot. Because actually I rather have ... in Brunei, almost 80% of my staff are from the Philippines. And I know ABS-CBN from I think 15 years ago. And I know a lot about the Philippines, yeah. (points to Calvin) He's also been to the Philiippines before, right?
Calvin: I came here right like 10 years ago with my family on a family trip. 'Cause I know there are so many places in the Philippines... it's a good place for resorts and going on a trip.
Chun: Many islands in the Philippines. A lot.
Calvin: Yeah, yeah. One of my friends just came from the Philippines last week.
Chun: Yeah.
Calvin: So... and I remember in my memory when I was a kid that the seafood here was pretty nice. And yummy.
Chun: And there's one more thing. I ate mango ice cream when I was like 6 years old, I think. Because there are a lot of Filipinos in Brunei and I got the chance to eat the ice cream.

Q: You said a while ago, Mr. Calvin, that you've been here 10 years ago and you enjoyed the good seafood we have here. How about the girls?

Calvin: The girls? (laughs) I was only like 10 years old!

Q: You were 10 years old then?

Calvin: Like 10 or 12 years old. I came here like more than 10 years ago!
Chun: More like 15 years ago! (laughs)
Calvin: Yeah, that was 15 years ago. (more laughing)

Q: Now that you're here, what are parts of the promo tour? Are you doing concerts? I believe that you both sing...

Calvin: Yeah...
Chun: You mean this trip or...
Calvin: Yeah.
Chun: In this trip we are here to promote our drama only - Romantic Princess, yeah.
Calvin: But we will sing a little, right?
Chun: Yeah, during the program...
Calvin: One song...
Chun: ... we will sing our song.

Q: Why do you speak English fluently? Because it says here that you grew up in Brunei and studied in Australia...

Chun: Yeah, that's right. Because in Brunei we go to English school as well. And when I was studying in Melbourne, all the time we speak English. In Brunei as well because almost 80% of my staff are from the Philippines and we speak in English everyday.

Q: So you practically grew up in Brunei.

Chun: Yup.

Q: Why? Is your family...

Chun: I think my grandfather migrated to Brunei I think 100 years ago (laughs). And then my father was born in Brunei and I was born in Brunei. So that's why...

Q: Would you mind working with Filipino actors? because we are coming up I think with a drama show, a collaboration with other country's superstar with a Filipino heartthrob. Are you willing to work with Filipino actors here?

Chun: If it's a good opportunity, if we have this kind of opportunity...

Q: Do you know some of the stars here? Are you familiar with some names of female superstars in the Philippines?

(much laughing from Calvin and Chun)

Q: Actresses... female actresses. Of course actresses...

Chun: We will meet some tomorrow. A few years ago, I know some. A few years ago. Because a few years ago, I came here and then I got some friends here and then we went to a health club. And then we met a very famous artist here and then my friend introduced me to her.

Q. Who is she?

Chun: I forgot the name already. (much laughing)
Calvin: What did she look like? Is she singer or actress?
Chun: Actress. At Fitness First.
Calvin: Fitness First.

Q: Yesterday you met Toni and Bianca.

Chun: Oh yeah, today.

Q: How did you find them?

Chun: Very nice. (nods head)
Calvin: Yeah. (nods head)
Chun: Very friendly.
Calvin: And pretty.
Chun: Pretty of course.

Q: Do you have girlfriends back in Taiwan?

(Calvin and Chun shake their heads)

Q: One last question. Really?

(Calvin and Chun shake their heads some more)
Chun: No time. Really, no time. Our company will say (Calvin says same thing), you can have a girlfriend, we don't mind. But you know, the way they arrange our schedule, it's like there's no chance to have a girlfriend at all.
Calvin: No time to date.
Chun: Yeah.

Q: Did you audition also? Like you're from Fahrenheit... before you became individual actors in different series?

Calvin: Back to the time, our company didn't have the plan to form a group, a boyband called Fahrenheit. We didn't have the plan. We just came one by one to have audition to be an actor at the time to shoot in a drama. And later when all four of us came into the company, our boss he thought, these four guys are quite interesting. SO he thought that we can form a group called Fahrenheit. The reason we're called Fahrenheit is because he thinks that all of us, four of us, are different styles, different...
Chun: ... personalities. And Fahrenheit's like everyone got their own degree, like some are very hot, some are very cold, some are cool... So it's based on the Fahrenheit temperature.

Q: Between the two of you, who is the more popular in Taiwan? And in other Chinese-speaking areas in Southeast Asia? Who gets the more, who gets the bigger number of fan letters or emails or whatever? Between the two of you. Calvin or Wu?

Chun: Each of us have different target...
Calvin: Target different...
Chun: Like maybe he's into different kinds of supporters. And then mine is different too.
Calvin: I think the good thing to form our group is that we attract different groups, different age groups, different target, so that's why that makes Fahrenheit big. To be... (laughs and smiles)

Q: Are you friends in real life?

Chun: Friends?
Calvin: In real life? Of course! We do hang out to have dinner or watch movies.
Chun: You mean both of us? Of course, of course!

Q: When did you know each other?

Calvin: When?
Chun: When I joined. I think first he joined the company, then after like maybe a few months I joined.
Calvin: I was the third. You (pointing to Chun) were the last one.
Chun: Then that's the time we met. During these three years, we worked together, we knew each other, like we understand each other very much and then the relationship got better and better.

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July 12,2008 Romantic Princess Promotion Press Con
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