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 06/16/2008 “Sword Butterfly” Ah Sa : Wu Chun and Hu Ge...

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PostSubject: 06/16/2008 “Sword Butterfly” Ah Sa : Wu Chun and Hu Ge...   Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:25 am

“Sword Butterfly” Ah Sa : Wu Chun and Hu Ge, I Love them both

Ah Sa(蔡卓妍), Wu Chun(吳尊), Hu ge(胡歌), Director Ma and Martial arts choreographer Xiao Dong held a press conference yesterday.

Director Ma mentioned that filming “Sword Butterfly(劍蝶)” was his greatest wish, “In the traditional story, Romeo was too weak, failing to fight for his love and happiness before he died. He should be like the younger generation today, facing love with bravery, continuously fighting for happiness. The sad story of the two characters fated to be separated should still included a battle for love, then there would be no regrets.”

Sa loves them both.

The two leads became the center of everyone’s attention, collaborating for the first time Chun and Sa have had rumors of being together in real life. Whether or not this is real, or that is it just a show for the media to promote the film, while Sa answered questions from the reporters, she did not deny, nor avoid any questions about their rumors. Alternatively she has praised Chun, surprisingly even saying that working with Chun had similar feelings of her ‘first love’. As Chun and Sa praised each other non stop, Huge playfully said “Filming this film was so painstaking, not because of all the action scenes, but because my feelings were hurt. Because the person I love likes someone else”. Charlene laughed and said “I really like you too!” Huge immediately looked at Chun and said “How do you feel about that Wu Chun?” Charlene immediately replied “I love both of you! I love both you handsome guys!” When asked about Sa and the two handsome males and how she felt, Sa’s face displayed one of happiness, commenting that she was very very lucky. Reporters asked, if she had rumors with both Chun and Huge who she would choose. Sa laughed and said “I love them both.”

Chun refuses to do fake actions

In his first film, Chun has put in a lot of effort, putting a lot of heart into his character and complimenting Sa’s character. While filming, Chun was extremely professional, even the most dangerous actions were done by himself. When asked why he did not use a replacement, Chun said “I really trying out different things, plus it’s my first ever movie, I want those who go to the cinemas to see the film to see the real me acting, not just a replacement.”

狄龙 treats Sa like a daughter

Yesterday afternoon, “Sword Butterfly(劍蝶)” held a press conference in Shanghai, All the main casts, director and martial arts choreographer were present. Awaiting for the very popular Taiwanese actor Wu Chun to arrive, the place was packed, on his arrival the room became extremely confusing, with a lot of reporters fighting for better and closer spots.In the press conference the two handsome males Chun and Huge escorted Ah Sa, becoming all present female’s “public enemy”. When Huge complained that in the film he used all his efforts but failed to attract Sa’s attention, Sa sweetly said “I love you very much too, I love both. I am really lucky and happy, in the film two handsome males both love me, but I know that in real life this would never occur.” 狄龙 made a effort to come to the press conference to show his support, he always said “I don’t have a daughter, but god is not bad to me, he enabled me to have clever Sa as my daughter in the film.” When asked about the two “potential husbands” and who he would accept, 狄龙eyes lit and said “Of course you’ll have to see, wait for them to be together for awhile, and generate some feelings first, I don’t want my daughter to marry the wrong husband!”[By:]

Source: China Entertainment Tabloid Posted on June 19, 2008 04:30 am ,
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PostSubject: Re: 06/16/2008 “Sword Butterfly” Ah Sa : Wu Chun and Hu Ge...   Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:52 am

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06/16/2008 “Sword Butterfly” Ah Sa : Wu Chun and Hu Ge...
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