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 06/14/2008 Charlene Choi confesses her love to Wu Zun...

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PostSubject: 06/14/2008 Charlene Choi confesses her love to Wu Zun...   Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:04 pm

Charlene Choi confesses her love to Wu Zun, and Wu Zun too?
Charlene confesses her love to Wu Zun

Charlene gave a melon to Wu zun as a pledge of love. “We are very intimate in the movie. I hope this kind of feeling will still remain even after filming and hope you will remember our sweet moments while filming like the melon, also your life will always be like the melon full of sweet moments!”

‘Sword Butterfly’ starred by Charlene, Wu zun and Hu ge is going to be wrapped up soon and the cast met yesterday afternoon for an interview.

Charlene accidentally injured herself in the movie but she appeared to be very bubbly. She revealed her injuries have already been healed so urge everybody not to worry for her. When it comes to presenting gifts to each other, Charlene gave a melon to Wu zun as a pledge of love. “We are very intimate in the series. I hope this kind of feeling will still remain even after filming and hope you will remember our sweet moments while filming like the melon, also your life will always be like the melon full of sweet moments!” Wu Zun gave her spring onion and said that he is too touched by her gesture and he mention Charlene has the ability to move people to tears.

Charlene talks about injuries, already recovered, need not worry for her.

The crew has spent two months on ‘Sword Butterfly’. From the female lead being Gillian to Charlene getting injured, all these have appeared on the headlines. Charlene said that she has recovered from her injuries and urged everybody not to worry for her. “Sword Butterfly is one of the enjoyable and most happiest movies I have ever filmed. Firstly, it is because of I like the cast’s attire and plot. Although this is our first collaboration, all of us shared lots of chemistry together. Secondly is because of my partner, Wu Zun. He is not only a big brother, but he took care of me during the whole filming process. We always discuss the script together and hence our chemistry developed more” Charlene revealed that she love the time spent outside filming. “We will gather around after filming everyday. I love the dinner especially. The director is very funny and all of us will just gossip. It is pretty fun.”

In ‘Sword Butterfly’, Charlene disguised as a guy and she looked very handsome in the attire. She joked that she is used to dressing up as a guy when she was together with Gillian. “Gillian has a pretty face and I am not the first time acting as a guy so I am used to it. Since I am mentally prepared for it, I just need to adopt the style of a guy.” Asked about her impression of Wu Zun, “I acted with many newbie but Wu Zun is a very serious actor. Every time we finished filming a scene, he will run away and read the script to develop more feelings for it. He is very clever and hardworking.”

Wu zun said that he saved lots of lessons money while filming.

‘Sword Butterfly’ is Wu zun’s first movie. He said that he saved lots of lesson money while filming this movie. “I am very lucky to act a heroic and devoted character for my first movie. I am very grateful to director, Ma Chu Cheng for patiently teaching me. He is very capable, there are some very difficult scenes which he didn’t need to demonstrate it out yet he did. I am very thankful to Chen Xiaodong stylist who styled me to a pugilist with character. I am even more grateful to Charlene for getting me into the mood frequently. She has gotten best actress award before and has acted in 30 over movies but this is only my first movie so the pressure is there. Charlene is very good looking dressed up as a guy. I will really miss this brotherly relationship we have.”

Talked about his first scene, Wu Zun revealed that the director arranged his first scene to be a meal with his junior, Yuan Cheng Jie. “That scene is only 5 seconds long. The director spend 5 minutes filming that scene and I didn’t even have time to react.” Talked about Charlene getting injured, Wu zun said that it was purely an accident. “Charlene has to film two movies at the same time, So it is very tough on her and moreover it is action films so the pressure is there. The injuries were purely accidental. Although Charlene is very careful normally, she was still hurt by the sword. But she is very professional, She only went to the hospital for a simple check up and came back with crutches. Actually we often incurred injuries filming fighting scenes; this film is actually quite successful. I myself have filmed a scene where a sword was nearly stabbed into my chest, it was so dangerous.”

Ma Chu cheng changes the script. Some changes with the character and plot.

Talked about filming ‘Sword Butterfly’, Director Ma Chu Cheng said that he love Liang Zhu since young especially Xu Ke’s version. “I don’t like Liang Shan bo because I feel that a man should fight for his love. If one loses after fighting for it, then it is okay. I made some changes to the script this time round. This film is about their reincarnated love story and the dynasty has changed. The ending and the character has all changed too. Talked about the change of cast between Gillian and Charlene, he said that he thought of Charlene first. “Her character is appropriate disguising as a guy. Moreover, the pairing of her and Wu zun is always very suitable. The both of them did a good job.”

Cheng Xiao dong talks about fighting scene. The most important is to have character.

Cheng Xiao Dong is in charge of all fighting scenes in ‘Sword Butterfly’. He said that this movie not only revolves around fighting but the most important scene is the love story, so even the action scenes has to be acted out with more feelings. “Both leads are idols and the most important is to have character. They must fight beautifully. When I taught them the fighting scenes, Wu Zun kept insisting that he doesn’t want to find a substitute and all the scenes are done by him. So I instructed the fighters to avoid hitting their faces. They cannot touch their faces. “ Asked about Charlene’s injuries, he said that was one of the fighter’s mistake. “Initially we wanted to fire that fighter, but Charlene kept speaking up for that fighters. It was really touching.”[By: irrationally,]

‘Sword Butterfly’ is to be shown in theatres in September.

Youtube Clip: Charlene & Chun’s part around 6 mim

Source: China Entertainment Tabloid Posted on June 14, 2008 06:06 am

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06/14/2008 Charlene Choi confesses her love to Wu Zun...
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