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 BEAUTY MAG: The Most Beautiful Man in Asia.

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PostSubject: BEAUTY MAG: The Most Beautiful Man in Asia.   Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:57 pm

Wu Zun
Height 182, Weight 73, on the thin side, even thinner than Mayday’s Ashin.
Measurements: 40-31-38

Q: What makes a "beauty"?
"Beauty" doesn't mean the appearance; looks are not important, what is
important is being natural. Girls who are overly pretentious, who use
calculated and deliberate mannerisms to attract others' attention, they
are not beautiful.

Q: What do you think of girls and makeup?
I don't like makeup that is too heavy. I feel that lightly drawing
eyebrows, a bit of lipgloss, that is still quite natural, it's ok. If
normally you also wear fake eyelashes, foundation is too thick, then I
don't really like that. If it's my girlfriend, I wouldn't let her be
like that. (Wu Zun OS: It's very tiring to makeup like this, isn't it?)

Q: Which predecessor do you admire most in the entertainment circle?
Andy Lau. I admire his humility and professional attitude. (Editor
continues to ask: So in future after you get married, would you learn
from him and conceal it?) Wu Zun replies emphatically: Of course not!

Q: Are there times you get tired with work?
Of course there would be! That feeling is like, "feel very wretched",
"why did I make myself like this!" The most tiring occasion in my
impression is, filming the entire day until 5 am the next day, and the
next job starting one hour later; it was only by drinking (some energy
drink) and my willpower forcing myself to withstand it that I managed
to get through it.

Q: When you're tired from work, how do you revive your spirits and energy?
By joking around with co-workers or eating! I seldom rely on coffee or
(that energy drink), (only once!), actually I seldom feel tired on the
set, because there are so many co-workers, we're all friends, when
we're free we'd joke around, whatever fatigue you feel would be gone
after a while. Eating also helps, for e.g. fruit juice, yoghurt,
cheese, I often eat these as snacks. (Editor's OS: No junk food, a
healthy role model!)

Q: Which part of your body are you most satisfied with?
A: Bone structure.
feel that whether you're well-built or not, as long as your bone
structure is good, you will give people the impression that you're
standing tall and straight, you look alert, and you'll look good in
whatever you wear. Your bone structure is innate, working out in later
life actually won't help too much, but that's not to say that it's
impossible. Your willpower when working out will then be extra

Q: Since coming to Taiwan, what is your favourite streetfood? Up to now what do you still fear eating?
There's a lot that I like! With the exception of fatty meat, there's
nothing I don't dare to eat. What I remember most is my first time
coming to Taiwan at 8 years old, eating my first bite of oyster
omelette. That was most unforgettable. The chewy texture plus the fact
that I've always liked oysters, so oyster omelette is my favourite
streetfood. I also like others such as red bean pastry.

Q: What gesture from a girl would touch you most?
It won't be just one gesture (for example folding 1000 paper cranes),
but an accumulation of things that will reveal her sincerity and

Q: Do you like girls to apply perfume?
A: I don't
like fragrances that are too strong. Guerlain's new cherry blossom
fragrance is very comfortable and natural, a little sweet, a little
refreshing, I quite like such a fragrance on a girl.
Q: What do you do the first thing you reach home?
A: Go
online, check email, eat fruits, then have a shower. There was a time
I'd go on MSN to chat, but it's really quite time-consuming. Once I go
online friends would look for me to chat, I'm really tired but it's not
nice not replying to them, so in the end I just use email or text msgs
to reply.

Q: When faced with malicious words that are full of barbs, how would you normally respond?
I feel that if it's the truth there's nothing to hide. If it concerns
relationships, girlfriend etc, then I can't say, sometimes by doing
this it's just to prevent unnecessary trouble.

Q: When will Wu Zun get married?
A: I don't want it to be too late! (laughs) *Manager breaks out in cold sweat.*
I don't want to get married too late, if wanna have kids, it's not good for the girl to be too old.

Q: How would you describe yourself at 25, 35, 45 years of age?
I feel there's not much difference at 20, 30 years, because I think
that I'm quite an early bloomer, roughly I'd just be myself. At 45, I
guess the focus would be on family life bah!

Q: If your guy friends are jealous of you or they shun you, how would you deal with it?
It depends on how close/deep our friendship is. If it's a friend I
acknowledge, I would tell myself to be more low-key, be more humble. If
it's not a friend, then I wouldn't care about others' jealousy or

Wu Zun often goes to the supermarket in the late
night after his work to replenish his supply of milk and fruits, and at
the same time walk to exercise. Just so he can complete his shopping at
one go, he often carries so much in his hands that they are trembling.
Walking home alone, he says with a laugh that it's a bit lonely. His
home in Taipei area 15 is decorated entirely by himself, heard that
it's laid out very comfortably. To dispel some of the loneliness, he
would leave a light on when he leaves the house so that he is greeted
with some warmth when he returns.

Q: What is a must-eat in Brunei?
Satay. The taste is very different! Just the
ground-till-completely-smooth peanut sauce alone, there are many kinds.
The satay in Brunei is inclined towards spiciness, guaranteed
delicious! Another is the glutinous rice + dried shrimps wrapped in
(some kind of leaf – it's not lotus leaf), that's also very special.

Q: During your off days, what would you normally do?
I seldom have the chance to have a break, if there is I would get some
friends to have a meal! I don't like to eat alone, it feels rather
depressing, so if I'm free, I would find some friends to eat something
good. The most recent was at a hotplate restaurant.

Q: Regarding guys who think that applying skincare products is very sissy, how would you advise them?
"Is it more MAN to have a face full of pimples?" Australia's weather is
very dry, so dry until your skin peels and it's very uncomfortable. My
sister who is 6 years older than me gave me a moisturiser, and from
then on I've always had the habit of applying moisturiser after washing
my face.

Q: Ariel Lin once disclosed that your appetite is very big, how do you maintain your ideal body shape?
Haha! Her appetite is not small either! I'm still ok lah, just make
sure I eat my fill during the 3 meals (if I'm not full, I would feel
unsettled.) I wouldn't consciously adjust the amount of each meal, much
less diet. My work is too busy, completely do not have time to go to
the gym, so usually when I have time I'd walk more. Xinyi District is
quite pleasant to walk in! (star-chasing groupies, take note of Xinyi
District!) Breakfast is standard: milk, cereal + bananas + yoghurt,
lunch and dinner would be taken together with colleagues. Eat more
fruits and less snacks, then you won't gain weight so easily.

You once said: "Love can make a person sacrifice everything", you're
willing to quit the entertainment circle for this reason. Is this true?
It's true. Love is important to every person. Because of love, you have
someone to share your joy and sadness. If I meet someone who I feel is
worth it, and who I wish to marry, I’m willing to do that.

*Buzz: He uses a tanning bed for 10 mins every week!

read and translated off
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BEAUTY MAG: The Most Beautiful Man in Asia.
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