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 Princes generally have a cross with happiness.

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PostSubject: Princes generally have a cross with happiness.   Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:54 pm

Last week Wu Zun came hurriedly to Hong Kong to promote his new
drama "Romantic Princess", before he came to Hong Kong, I spent a whole
afternoon with him in Taiwan.

A reporter coming from Hong Kong,
is just like Wu Zun leaving his Brunei hometown to go to Taiwan to earn
a living, everyone is in unfamiliar territories. Facing this charmer of
countless fans, that gentleness which I had thought was unique to
Taiwanese maidens speaking Mandarin could actually be found in this
native Bruneian when he spoke in his semi-proficient Cantonese.

to three years since coming out, recently about to film a movie
"Butterfly Lovers" with Ah Sa Charlene Choi, whose luck seems to be
riding on a high, coming from a privileged background, possessing a
muscular body and the boss of two fitness gyms... as I see it, Wu Zun
who is basically working for the sake of working, is completely a
prince from the royal court, in Romantic Princess, he even acts a rich
young man, it seems to be writing his actual life story, however, this
28 year old in front of me actually said loudly, "I don't like being a

Princes generally have a cross with happiness, but this
time it is not often that Wu Zun spoke a lot, the regret he feels
towards his mother who passed away from kidney cancer, reminds me of
Joyce Cheng and Lydia Sum.

A man suffers most

28 year old Wu Zun who was born in
Brunei, his actual name is Wu Ji Zun, his father Wu Jing Tian has a
construction business in Brunei which reaches into all four corners of
Asia. His first uncle can even be counted as half a member of the
court, he has a lazy elder brother and a married sister, as the
lastborn and consequently believed to be the most precious, he however
never considered himself the most pampered.

"My father wasn't
biased, but I know his expectations of me are the highest. Can't help
it, my brother doesn't go to work, everyday he'd wake up, once he's
awake he'll go out and eat, or go with friends to play, I definitely
won't be like him. I want to be a useful person." Leaving his hometown
behind, going to Taiwan alone to work, it's fortunate he has his
father's understanding. "In the beginning my dad couldn't quite get why
I chose this path, but soon after he saw that I was coming back with
results, he also understood me, he would even support me."

this charmer have any regrets in his life? Wu Zun dully said one word,
"Mummy." "Mum's departure is the one thing I regret most in my life.
Perhaps she was too good, heaven didn't want me to have her for too
long. When she was in hospital, she tried several times to tell me, she
said, "After I'm gone..." Before she even opened her mouth, I was also
telling her not to say anymore, I completely didn't allow her to speak,
I just kept telling her, "You will be alright, don't talk about
that."... But if I had one more chance, I definitely wouldn't do that,
I would definitely let Mum continue speaking, because I want to know
just what was it she wanted me to do..."

Unfortunately there are
no 'if's' in life, now Wu Ma Ma has been gone for six years, perhaps
now Wu Zun loves his father more? Wu Zun first stared blankly, then
suddenly laughed out loud twice, replying in Mandarin, "When I was
young, Mum would beat me! When I was 8, our family went on a vacation,
one day the tour guide asked me in my mother's presence, 'Do you love
your father more or your mother more?' That time I glanced at my mom
and told the tour guide I loved my dad more. At that time I didn't know
how angry my mother was, only until I reached 20, one day she suddenly
asked if I remembered that incident, only then did I know that actually
she never forgot about that! Actually I love her very much."

Mama's death had a great impact on Wu Zun, but he has since learnt to
be independent. "In the past, when my parents left me in Australia to
study (Wu Zun studied Business Administration in MIT), the first day
after they went back to Brunei, I hid in the toilet and cried, when I
phoned home I cried, cried until my dad's heart softened and he allowed
me to go back. But the person I am now won't shed a tear so easily
anymore, even when talking about my mum, I also wouldn't cry, because
if my mum knew she would be worried."

I am not gay

criticism circulating outside never leave the topics of him being a
rich and pretty boy, calling him a bargain, but he who self-professed
had not dated for 10 years, his sexual orientation has always been in
doubt. "I'm definitely not gay! If I didn't enter the entertainment
circle, I probably would already be marrried, because my family plan
was to get married at 27, 28, have a baby around 30, so my dad can
quickly have a grandchild! But this plan has been postponed, 35 years
old lah! I'm a person who definitely will get married and have kids."

Wu Zun is only 7 years away from being 35, unless he wants to have a
shotgun marriage? "I don't accept shotgun marriages, I wouldn't! Why I
don't date is because the opportunity hasn't arrived!" As a normal
male, how can he not have sexual needs? "Ai! 24 hours in a day aren't
even enough for me, I don't have time to think about this lah! (Would
he use money to buy sex?) What use money?? It's wrong! I would think
about it (sex), but I really have so many things to do, when I think
about it just switch on my computer to work, everything else would be
forgotten! Don't ask already lah!"

Just then his manager who had
up till then been silent spoke up, "Don't ask him about such things
lah, amongst the four, he's the shyest, look at him, his face is
already all red!" Wu Zun upon seeing his manager speak up for him,
started laughing nonstop, as if he'd been let off the hook.

even if I'm really dating, I also wouldn't let you all know. I feel
that I have to protect this relationship, but when I get married, I'll
definitely let everyone know. After marriage I wouldn't put as much
time in the entertainment circle, I want to take care of my family,
especially my dad, by then he would be old! Perhaps I'd stay in Brunei
for the greater part of the year, just a few months to film dramas bah.
I don't want to be a prince, I prefer to live a normal life, too
colourful a life, it's not for me."

Hate and Love at the same time

made use of the chance when Chun was in the washroom to ask his manager
how the four members of FRH interact, less than three years since
forming there are already rumours of not getting along, rumours of Wu
Zun and Jiro not getting along were getting fiercer and fiercer. "Wu
Zun has the best temper amongst the four, it's the least trouble to
bring him! Wu Zun behaves very appropriately, whatever he does, we can
rest assured to let him do it. Given the difference in age, there would
be differences in the manner of speaking and playing, perhaps it's
because of this that gives the impression of them not getting along

Even after having a cup of tea with the manager, Wu Zun
still hadn't returned, helpless as there was only half an hour of
interview time left, I went to the washroom to look for him, he was
actually hiding there doing his hair, so vain! When he realised I was
looking at him, he shrugged and smiled, in actual fact he was just a
big kid.

"I both hate and love myself, love because I'm really
working hard out of my own accord, I like to use my brains, I like to
think about things; hate is when I don't want to think anymore, but my
brain continues to spin nonstop, sometimes it's really because of this
that I can't sleep. I'm also a scatterbrain, haha! So everytime I leave
the house, I have to check my bag, don't allow myself to be short of
anything, everything in my bag is very important!"

Upon looking
closer, actually inside Wu Zun's wallet there's a yellowed picture of
him and his mom, didn't expect that big-sized Wu Zun, his gentler side
would always have a spot for his mom.

There are differences between a man and woman

day while interviewing Wu Zun in Taiwan, it kept pouring outside, he
walked into the tea lounge carrying his heavy bag, very courteously
greeted me and the photographer, automatically asked me if we were
having the interview first or the photoshoot first. Although he
insisted he doesn't want to be a prince, in actual fact, every part of
him shows him to be a refined gentleman, I even feel that he is very
suitable to film those old classic movies.

When the interview
ended, Wu Zun fished out his laptop from his bag and focused his
attention on the accounts of his Brunei gym, amidst the crammed
numbers, I only saw a very grand plan.

What is he working so
hard for? There's a difference between women and men, if I were Wu Zun,
I probably would also be like Chun, thinking of figures everyday, not
easy that Wu Zun could carry his laptop around, and it is all still to
check the accounts.

If it is said that a woman is most beautiful
when in earnest, in Wu Zun's case it would probably be, a focused man
is the most attractive!

Credits to : CEFC forum and FACE Magazine
Translated by : fishybizness of CEFC forum.
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Princes generally have a cross with happiness.
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