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 Jo In Sung

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Full Time FRH Fan
Full Time FRH Fan

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PostSubject: Jo In Sung   Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:16 pm

Name: Jo In Sung 조인성
DOB: July 28 1981
Height: 186cm / 6ft 1in
Weight: 76kg / 167lbs
Blood Type: B
Debut: 1998 as a model for ziozia

of course i'm going to start off with Jo In Sung! how can i not?! lately i've been infatuated to say the least! i remember when he was in the drama 'What Happened in Bali' and everyone was in love with him, but i didn't even watch Bali until last week! like i expected, people could care less about him right now, but this is the perfect time for me to get into him! i finished bali and then started to download all of his other works. if you like Jo In Sung i suggest you watching 'Spring Day.' his character is helplessly adorable in this drama. i really couldn't help but to fall in love with his character. last year he came out with a korean gangster movie, 'Bi Yul Han Guh Li' and i personally thought he put on a wonderful performance. while he was slightly awkward in some of his earlier works, he's really improved, in my opinion. i was watching a documentary about him and one of his fellow actors (sunbae/senpai) commented on how cute Jo In Sung is. for example, this actor would call Jo In Sung, and he would ask "where are you?" and Jo In Sung would reply "I'm always in your heart hyung!~" AH~ Please...i'm literally melting! (인성오빠 군대가지? 몸 조심!~ 우리 장한 인성오빠! 황이팅! 보고싶을꺼에요.)

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Jo In Sung
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